The Employment Status in Aeia

The Aiea living community proves to be a hardworking one. There are statistics to prove just that. 74.6% of males and 56.8% of females go to work regularly and spend 35 hours or more per week in order to support themselves as well as their families. A shift is observed and it begins hereT with the comparison to males and females. Those people who spend between 15 to 34 hours on work are made up of 16.1% females and 12.2% males. People who spend working between 1-14 hours a week are comprised of 3% of females and 1% of males. However, statistics reveal that 24.1% of females and 12.2% of males belong to the unemployment sector. This is a big concern that has been highlighted in many Aiea events and featured many times in Hawaii news and Aiea news. We are not proud of but it is something that everyone needs to be aware of. Despite of this, it has been shown that in this part of Hawaii, Aiea is exceptionally liveable and is ranked #5. This city has low crime rates, has a stable housing market, a variety of local amenities to enjoy and beautiful sunny weather throughout the year.

In Aiea, the majority of the population, including both males and females, make up about 64.8% and belong to the labor force. This means that many of them contribute to the economy by production of goods and services in the area. 4.6% of the population serve the military. On the other hand, 4.7% continue without jobs. There are local efforts to reduce the number of unemployment until it reaches zero by spreading awareness that there are local services out there to help those in need. It is equally important that Aiea events continue the tradition of educating and inspiring the people to contribute to the working sector. However, all of this certainly takes time and the Aiea living community has to work with another to overcome this problem. If they don’t, no one else will step in and help them out. Once this does happen, it will certainly make big headlines in Aiea news and Hawaii news.

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