The Cost of Living in Aiea

Living within the parameters of life involves finding a profession which will not only provide you job satisfaction, but will also sustain your basic needs. It is necessary to obtain competence to be able to battle your way along the streets of the labor market. In an increasingly competitive market, it is but proper to equip yourself with the skills and the knowledge primarily needed to be able to thrive and be at par, if not better, than other competitors. Associated with practicing your profession, or simply living in a particular place while working, are the costs and expenses you will have to incur in order to survive.

The cost of living here in Aiea, according to Hawaii news, is 10.8% greater than Hawaii average. Additionally, it is 94.9% greater than the national average. This indicates that the cost of items that is needed for you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in Aiea is of higher price. Costs of living include, but are not limited to housing, transportation, utilities, goods and services, groceries, and health care. Aiea HI news reported that the cost of housing here in Aiea is 31% greater than Hawaii average. This means that housing expenses you have to spend here is larger than the average housing costs in Hawaii. Aiea living would require incurrence of housing insurance. Such insurance is 159.9% greater than the national average. Such fact provides an explanation for the high Aiea housing cost index. On the other hand, as recounted by the Hawaii news, goods and services, groceries, health care, transportation and utilities are relatively lower here in Aiea by 2.42%, 1.27%, 0.89%, 0.81%, and 10.68% respectively, as compared to the average costs in Hawaii.  Although Aiea news has mentioned lower Aiea cost indices for goods and services, groceries, health care, transportation, and utilities, the sum of all of those is still insufficient to offset the high index of the housing costs. Those facts made the cost of living here in Aiea a bit heavier.

Aiea events indicate various happenings in this place. You may be hesitant at first to permanently settle in Aiea, should you consider only the different expenses you always have to spend in order to continue living here. However, if you look at the bigger picture and consider all the Aiea events and the things it could provide you and has already provided you, you will discover that Aiea has low crime rates, a stable housing market, and a good weather. After all, it wasn’t ranked among the exceptionally livable places as number five in Hawaii and as number 273 in USA for nothing.


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