Statistical Employment Details in Aeia

For Aiea HI, the income per capita is $36,582. The median household income is $90,185. It is bigger compared to Hawaii with $67,492. The average household income owner occupied is $96,056 compared to the average household income renter occupied with $82,045. Aiea news has shown that male workers whose average earning is $47,500 possess higher average earnings compared to female workers with $31,672. As confirmed by Aiea events, the unemployment rate remains to be 2.8% while the poverty level is at 5.5%.

64.8% of the Aiea living population are employed in the labor force compared to 4.6% in the military. 74.6% of males and 56.8% of females work more than 35 hours a week. 12.2% of males and 16.1% of females work from 15-34 hours a week. 1% of males and 3% of females put 1-14 hours into work per week. Unemployment still continues to be a concern in the Hawaii news. 12.2% among males and 24.1% of females are unemployed.

Aiea Hawaii news consist of female workers whose average earnings belong to an income bracket of $0-40,000 dominate compared male workers dominate the income bracket from $40,000-100,000+. From $0-10,000 of income bracket, there is 11.3% of males and 14.9% of females that contributed to the median earnings. In the income bracket of $10,000-25,000, 13.4% were males while 21.4% were females. The income bracket $25,000-40,000 was dominated by females with 23% compared to males with 16.8%. The shift begins with the income bracket from $40,000-65,000 where males with 27.3% dominated females with 22.5%. Between $65,000-100,000, 16.4% were males and 10.2% were females. Those who earned an average earning of more than $100,000 belonged to 14.8% males and 8% of females. These statistics should show that the Aiea living population continues to grow despite unemployment rates as featured in Hawaii news.

People have expanded networks through many prevalent Aiea events. It has shown that male employees tend to work in industries such as construction (11.2%), manufacturing (4.8%) and public administration (15.5%) whereas female workers tend to work in financial & insurance services (5.5%), wholesale & retail services (15.5%), and transportation & warehousing & utilities (5.8%). 37.9% of males work in other industries aside from the ones mentioned. 30.6% of females primarily dominated education and health & social services sector. A small town like Aiea still continues to grow and prosper and is a great place to live in.


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