Mother and Son Killed in Early Morning Fire

Firefighters found two burnt corpses after extinguishing an early morning fire in Aiea. This shocked surrounding occupants, friends and relatives alike.

The two bodies were identified. The first body belonged to Gay Nakamoto, an upbeat and helpful mother. The other one belonged to her son, Jason Nakamoto who was usually seen playing baseball with his 5-year old son.

Luckily, 3 people in Aiea HI escaped the tragedy. These are Gay’s husband, Steven Nakamoto; 2nd son Shannon, and her 82- year old mother, Harue. Steven said that he instructed his son to take her grandmother out of the house. He said this while he was attempting to douse the fire with a water hose. Her 3rd son Ken arrived home while the fire was raging. Currently, they are residing together with their relatives.

According to the findings, the fire began in the kitchen. It began after a frying pan filled with cooking oil caught fire. Teri Wong, a nearby resident contacted 911 around 2:36 am in the morning to report the incident. The flames were already intense at those times. She said that she heard noises that seemed like glasses being thrown and noticed the flames. Fire personnel were having a tough time attempting to search and rescue the two people. This was due to the fact that the stairs were blocked by flames and the roof collapsed on it. Firefighters found the mother’s body in a bathroom near her bedroom. The son’s body was located at the top of the stairs. According to the authorities, the total damage estimated up to $350,000. That’s $300,000 for the property cost and $50,000 for the contents. That is confirmed by the Hawaii Fire Department spokesperson Captain Kenison Tejada.

Gay Nakamoto was known by many as a cheerful lady. Many grieved her loss. One of which is Miss Lani Young, Gay’s coworker at Children’s Medical Associates. She wishes that the information was somehow wrong. She and several other colleagues and coworkers offered roses. They placed it in a basket and left it in the front yard. Then they offered their prayers in a quiet manner.

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