How a Mascot Represents the Story of Aeia

Aiea is the home of the largest enclosed shopping center in Hawaii and the host site for the Hawai’i Bowl every Christmas Eve. It has a rich history dating back World War II. It is popular for so many things and it has contributed a great deal to the world’s cultural map. If there’s one thing that will make the place even more famous, it would be a mascot. If Aiea Hawaii will have an official mascot, it would be way easier for it to climb to its success ladder.

And a mascot is a nice representation of the story behind this small and eventful place. With its rich history, it is a nice place to visit. One will be amazed to know and see the actual sight where the attack on Pearl Harbor, one of world’s most unforgettable events, took place. One of the sights is a trail where a World War II plane crashed. Lots of stories lie behind the beautiful façade of the place. A mascot can draw the story and history of a place. It represents what the place is about. For example, Wenlock a mascot of London has yellow lights on his heads, symbolizes the taxi in London, and the pattern on his body symbolizes the whole world coming to London. The mascot of Canada, Miga, a mythical sea bear, represents the fun things to do in Canada like surfing on summer and snowboarding on winter. The mascot Athena and Phevos of Athens, held hand in hand, representing brotherhood, cooperation, participation, equality and fair play. A mascot is a great help when it comes to tourism. The appearance of a town mascot makes a person remember and not forget about that place. It promotes friendship and good will. A town can even make a great deal of business with the impact of a mascot. It can make a place popular. With the technology we have today, like social media, a funny looking mascot will surely go a long way. It will make a place more lovable because it creates a connection between tourists and the experience they have in a particular place.


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